The team of professionals of Riego Chile, faces the projects from the integral involvement. We approach the projects understanding the clients’ cultivation and commercial needs, we contribute our experience in other projects. The technical department plans and proposes solutions aimed with efficience giving solutions designed with top-level components. We propose implementations according to commercial and technical realities, we plan maintenance programs and our after sales assistance stands out among the highest in the market.

Growth projects

We advise and give solutions for new projects or facilities in operation that need with top level components.

Irrigation Development

We advise on Chile Law No. 18.450 of Irrigation Development

Evaluations and Proposals

We carry out evaluations and proposals to check parts or points of elements from regulation of equipment in operation.


We diagnose the operation of hydraulic and control elements.


We maintain and repair irrigation equipment and their components.

Cleaning Equipment

We wash and clean irrigation equipment.

Mining Services

Installation of filtration systems, calculation of drives and adductions, drip design for leaching.

Services for the Industry

Fire networks, piping, automation and control of systems, purification, pools of accumulation with geo membranes, water supply for industrial processes

Automation and control of systems

Land Soil monitoring, telemetry and remote control, humidity sensors

Integration of renewable energy in irrigation systems

Photovoltaic plants, irrigation control systems with solar energy. ERNC projects (Non-conventional renewable energy for our systems)


Fertilize irrigation

Fertiriego is the application of fertilizer through the irrigation system, in other words, it uses the irrigation system and water as a vehicle for the application of the nutritive elements that the crop requires. To inject the fertilizer into the irrigation equipment, there are venturi type systems, injection pumps that work differently but have the same purpose, proportional injectors and multiple injection fertigation machines that control different parameters such as PH and CE or others.

Drip irrigation

It is the most effective system that has been designed to use water in agricultural crops. Drip irrigation is the slow and frequent application of water to the ground by means of emitters or drippers located at specific points along some water distribution lines.

Micro sprinkler irrigation

This system allows water to be conducted through a network of pipes and applied to crops through emitters that deliver small volumes of water periodically. The water is applied in the form of rain through diffusers called Micro Sprinklers and Microjets


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