Riego Chile

We are a team composed by professionals, engineers and technicians specialized in integral irrigation solutions. We have exclusive softwares, sophisticated operating systems, a fleet of top-level vehicles. We are pioneers in service and technology at the national level for 25 years.

We carry out advising, design, installation and after sales services in Irrigation Technified, managing to have miles of facilities installed in Chile. Internationally, we have developed evaluations and projects in Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Peru.


Interview: Innovation, technology and sustainability applied to irrigation.

For a quarter of a century, this company from Chillán has been characterized for promoting efficiency and technology in the use of water, especially today in the face of climate change, desertification and new crops. From the magazine “Asi Te Quiero Chillán”

Seminary Water and climate change: challenges and opportunities for the Ñuble Region.

Friday, November 8

Open invitation for Friday, November 8, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. in the Claudio Arrau hall of the Municipal Theater of Chillán. Activity organized by the Public Private Board of “Todo Ñuble Cuida El Agua”.


We address the projects, understanding the clients’ cultivation and commercial needs.

The technical department plans and proposes solutions aimed to dispose with eficients, solutions designe at efficiently disposing of solutions designed with top-level components.

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Growth projects

We advise and give solutions for new projects or facilities in operation that need with top level components.

Irrigation Development

We advise on Chile Law No. 18.450 of Irrigation Development

Evaluations and Proposals

We carry out evaluations and proposals to check parts or points of elements from regulation of equipment in operation.


We diagnose the operation of hydraulic and control elements.


We maintain and repair irrigation equipment and their components.

Cleaning Equipment

We wash and clean irrigation equipment.

Mining Services

Installation of filtration systems, calculation of drives and adductions, drip design for leaching.

Services for the Industry

Fire networks, piping, automation and control of systems, purification, pools of accumulation with geo membranes, water supply for industrial processes

Automation and control of systems

Land Soil monitoring, telemetry and remote control, humidity sensors

Integration of renewable energy in irrigation systems

Photovoltaic plants, irrigation control systems with solar energy. ERNC projects (Non-conventional renewable energy for our systems)


We propose implementations according to commercial and technical realities, we plan maintenance programs and our after sales assistance stands out among the highest in the market.

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Fertilize irrigation

Fertilizer application through irrigation systems.

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Drip irrigation

The most effective system that has been designed to use water in agricultural crops.

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Sprinkler irrigation (Irrigation by Microaspersion)

It allows to conduct water through a network of pipes and apply it to crops.

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Our clients

They come from different productive areas of our country and abroad. We have no geographical boundaries, we deploy our capabilities in any territory or agro industrial need that comes in our way. Some of our clients are:

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Tell us about your project and we will advise you!

Matrix house:
Claudio Arrau 1028, Chillán – Chile